Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5 vocab

caitiff \KAY-tif\, noun, adjective:1. cowardly and mean

bulwark \BUL-wurk; -wawrk\, noun,vainglory \VAYN-glor-ee; vayn-GLOR-ee\, noun:1. Excessive pride in one's achievements, abilities, qualities, etc.2.Vain display. verb:1. to defend or protect, serve as a bulwark; shelter

surreptitious \suhr-uhp-TISH-uhs; suh-rep-\, adjective:1. Done, made, or gotten by stealth.2. Acting with or marked by stealth.

sublunary \suhb-LOO-nuh-ree\, adjective:Situated beneath the moon; hence, of or pertaining to this world; terrestrial; earthly.

fop \FOP\, noun:A man who is overly concerned with or vain about his dress and appearance; a dandy.

1. That boy whobumped in to me at the store was caitiff and did not bother to apologies.
2. I am vary bulwark about leaning how to drive.
3. John surreptitious the radio from the store.
4. The sublunary is vary interesting.
5. My huben victor is vary fop when its time to get ready.

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Carolyn said...

Hi, Victoria. I did not see 25 vocabulary words. You might want to check the usage again. Some were not used properly.

I hope you keep blogging.