Thursday, December 4, 2008

body art

I do not have any body art at this time but i use to have a tung ring and two other piercing but I took them out 3moths sfter i got them. i would like to get angel wings on my back and a baby angel on my arm with my daughter anastaisa name. I also want a peecock on my thigh,I just think tatoos are cool and they look nice. i love body art it means alot when you get something meanfool. I have alway been in to body are and piercing are coo to but i am not a big fan of it. i have known peolple who has big hole in there ears and it looks like it hurts but that is not for me. if i was to get any other piercings I thinks i mite get my nose pierced but im not forsher.This is how i feel about bady art and want i would like to get in the furter when i get money because badoy art cost alot.

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