Thursday, December 4, 2008

what kind of sport or activites do i like?

i enjoy watching sports such as football,baseball,boxing,and ice skating. I have not ever been a type or person to play any sport i once played basketball but that was for a summer group and i was fun but i easily grow out of it. i thing sport for fun and they give a time to have family over a eat. game party is always great to have. i love to so everyone together i do not have any game party's but i go to them at my friend house and family houses. i love to see everyone yelling out the t.v. i think it funny to see how the guys get so in to it.I am usually the one at a game party how goes for the other team it get everyone mad, but it is a good mad. one thing i like to watch and usually it is by myself is Ice Skiting i think it is one sport that i fined wonderful, how they gild on the ice it is like they are floating in air. sometimes i imagine me able to skate like that and how it must feel. i would think there has to be allot of thing you have to do to get to be a perfection Ice Skater.

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