Thursday, December 4, 2008

would i like to be famus?

That is something i would not no how to answer do to i would not want people in my family business and I mite get Bord of having to act now if i was doing something like Ice Skating and i was good at it them i thing i would love to do it to be on that ice and glide. I would love to do all there turns and dancing. It just seem I would feel like a princess. I have always wanted to be a princess. They only thing that bothers me with that is the cold i do not like to be cold. after all the dancing i mite get wormed up but i do not think so because I will be on ice. i would not like to be in the eye of everyone t.v. all the time ice skater only perform for a few months and then there done. That will be perfect for me.

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